Karen H

I recently completed the 8-week program entitled “My Healing Journey” and it has saved me.  My mother passed away in December of 2021, and not only was I dealing with the grief from losing my best friend, but I was also dealing with the whole traumatic experiences of what happened to her for the three months prior to her passing and for the three agonizing months after her passing (dealing with a reverse mortgage nightmare that was on her house).   I thought I could handle it.  But after 13 months of sobbing, feeling guilty and reliving the trauma daily, I knew I needed more help that I alone could do.  That’s when I signed up for her program.  The course was real, hard and took me out of my comfort zone.  I dealt with the whole experience head on.  Sherrie was compassionate and real.   After the 8 weeks were over, I felt like the weight on my shoulders was lifted.  I have the tools I need to resume a joyful life.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who is suffering from a loved ones passing….