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Where we shed a light on hope and healing after losing someone you love.

Hi, my name is Sherrie Dunlevy and I’m on a mission to help grieving people step out of their pain and suffering and step back into living their lives with passion, purpose and JOY!

My grief journey started in 1999 when our youngest son Brandon died. For 13 years following his death, I would describe myself as a mother who was existing, not really living. I was surviving, but I certainly wasn’t thriving. In fact, I didn’t even know it was possible.

You see I bought into the myths that grief lasted forever.

Even though I sought traditional ways of getting help: faith and religion, counseling, and even a support group, I still felt stuck. I wanted to start to feel better again, and yet feelings of fear, guilt and anxiety held me back.

I needed to graduate from the pain of my grief but still needed support, encouragement and tools to show me how to do it.

Then a friend introduced me to a grief coach, and my life changed forever. I was able to complete the unfinished emotions and start rebuilding me and the life I wanted to start living.

Since then, I have become a best selling author, national speaker and coach.

I am now living and thriving and LOVING my life again. And I want that for you too.

If you are looking for hope and healing after losing someone or something you love, you are in the perfect place.

Are ready to GRADUATE from the pain and suffering of your loss and step back into living a life you love again?

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How Can Sherrie Help You?

Whether you are ready to help a dear friend or to help yourself, you have come to the right place.

Are You Ready to "Graduate" from Your Grief?

Join the Graduating Grief Community where you will find support, encouragement, tools and coaching you need to step out of your pain and step back into living your life with JOY

Freshman Level

My Grief Journey

My Grief Journey is a self guided 6 module video course designed for those new to their grief journey. This course addresses how grief affects our emotional, physical, and mental state, provides you with tools, techniques, and homework that helps you find relief from the deep pain and waves of grief that can seem all consuming. This course allows you to listen and work at your own pace.

Sophomore Level

My Healing Journey

My Healing Journey is an 8-week in person or virtual Grief Completion support group. The goal of this level is help you heal. We will walk you through the process of finishing your relationship with your loved one and help you reorganize your life in a way that works for you.

Junior Level

My Transformation Journey

My Transformation Journey is an on going coaching/ support group that meets weekly.

Our goal is to help you design a life you love again?

Together we explore what we really want in life, who we are (as opposed to what others think we should be) and how we can take the steps to get there.

Together we will help each other build lives we can live on purpose, with passion, so we can make an impact with the rest of our lives.

Senior Level

My Journey Back to JOY

My Journey Back to JOY is a group experience/trip we take together where we explore the beauty of the outside world, as we explore the beauty that exists on the inside of each one of us.

This trip is going to challenge you, exhilarate you, allow you to achieve a new level of confidence and be so much fun your mind, body and soul will be filled with JOY!