SELF CARE is NOT Selfish!

This is for all the moms out there who find themselves overwhelmed, exhausted, AND grieving. The way you live your life in normal times is exhausting. Add to it what it took to live through a pandemic and then throw grief in the mix and you are literally running on fumes.

Something’s gotta give. And you don’t want that something to be your health or your mental health.

Self care is NOT selfish, and that’s what we are focusing on in this episode with licensed therapist Onnie Michalsky.


Onnie Michalsky is a mom of six, a licensed therapist, and a life and wellness coach for Super-Moms who have lost themselves under their cape. She empowers moms to escape the do-it-all mentality and break through the limiting beliefs that are keeping them from becoming their best self. Her mission, as the founder of the Moms Without Capes movement, is to help women discover and fall in love with who they are in and out of their mom hat so that they can design the life they want to be living!

Onnie Michalsky, MA, LCPC

Licensed Counselor, Wellness Coach

Moms Without Capes

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Sherrie Dunlevy- #Inspirationista, is a best selling author, speaker, podcast host. She is also the founder of the “Graduating Grief Academy” and online support community.

Sherrie is on a mission to help grieving people step out of pain and step into living with purpose, passion and joy.

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