Senior: My Journey Back to JOY

Imagine visiting tropical locations where the water is turquoise blue, the sun is warm on your skin and the ocean breeze feels so refreshing.

What about the mountain stream that is so clear you can see fish swimming beneath the surface, hiking trails that are dotted with wildflowers and spotting a beautiful deer in the forest.

Sounds incredible right?

Why imagine it, when you can experience it?

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Sometimes because of the trauma of what we have experienced in life, we can’t ever imagine feeling joy again. 

That’s why this trip is so important.

This is your JOURNEY BACK TO JOY!!

During this journey you will find healing and a community of friends and “new to you” friends who understand exactly what you are feeling, because we are feeling it or have felt it too.

Together we will explore the beauty of the outside world, as we explore the beauty that exists on the inside of each one of us.

This trip is going to challenge you, exhilarate you, allow you to achieve a new level of confidence. It will be so much fun your mind, body and soul will be filled with JOY!

This is not a trip where we look back, this is an experience where we engage fully in life and the present moment, and as a result are able to fully feel JOY again. 


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