How to Stop Your Negative Thought Patterns – Grief Toolbox

When you are grieving there are many times your mind keeps thinking the same negative thoughts over and over and over again. And no matter what you try, they are still there.

Can you stop these thoughts? Yes you can.

How do you do it? Awe… so glad you asked. Because Empath coach Michelle Ogston not only tells us, she explains how to do.

We also talk about setting boundaries and feelings of overwhelm. So you might want to take notes, because she has some pretty amazing tools for you to add to your Graduating Grief toolbox.

Michele Ogston is an Empath coach! She holds certifications as an intuitive life coach and is a certified meditation & mindfulness teacher. She works with her clients, more specifically Empaths, to empower them to break the patterns that have been holding them back to create an authentic life filled with purpose and meaning. Her mission is to spread the word that you’re just one decision from changing your whole life. She truly believes life isn’t about being happy all the time, but about learning how to navigate the more challenging times a little easier. After experiencing her own loss through the death of loved ones and a painful divorce, she decided to turn her pain into passion and helps people navigate life a little easier. In addition to coaching clients 1:1, Michele is also an executive contributor writer for Brainz magazine. She runs the Empath Support Group,where she provides a safe place for Empaths to find comradery so they can learn, and share with each other. She owns Cloud 9 Life Coaching in Northern California, where she lives with her husband, children and fur babies. You can connect with her on: Facebook , Instagram, or LinkedInor visit her website: Cloud 9 Life Coaching.

Are you ready to step out of your pain and step back in to LIVING your live on purpose, with passion and to make and impact?

Then lets begin your journey back to joy!!

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