How I grieved and how I’ve GROWN after losing my wife to cancer

Fifteen years ago, Darryl Powers was living what many would call the American Dream. He had a beautiful wife, a growing family, a great job and had purchased a new house.

Life on all accounts was going great. And then his life changed forever and 3 years later he found himself a grieving father in charge of raising two young children.

What do you do when you feel all alone and you are angry, and sad, and feeling like you have been robbed of everything?

How do you cope, and how do you heal?

All these questions, emotions and feelings are addressed in this episode.

If you are a man and you are grieving, take notes, because this is a master class in Graduating the pain of your Grief.

Creator of Hero Widower coaching services, Daryl Powers helps widower dads heal through grief, build strong relationships, and lead their family with confidence, compassion, and pride.

He co-leads a non-profit organization hosting peer support groups for grieving children, teens, and young adults.

His organization, The Grief Training and Wellness Center, trains professionals to support others on their grief journey and welcomes the bereaved to heal through a natural, authentic, whole-body approach without hurry, diagnosis, or shame.

As an author of the book The Lies Cancer Told Me, a public speaker, and host of Hero Widower Dad podcast, Daryl offers sincere, relatable, real-life inspiration loaded with insight and actionable steps to address failure, success, and the messes in between.

Sherrie Dunlevy- #Inspirationista, is a best selling author, speaker, podcast host. She is also the founder of the the “Graduating Grief Academy” and online support community.

Sherrie is on a mission to help grieving people step out of pain and step into living with purpose passion and joy.

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