Grief Support is Just a Text Away

While healing your grief is your own journey and personal responsibility, feeling loved and supported as you travel this path can make such a difference.

Problem is, many people are afraid of intruding and so therefore, many grieving people feel isolated and lonely. That’s why this episode is so interesting. It allows people to feel supported while at the same time, does not come across as intruding or smothering.

It’s a texting subscription called Grief Coach and it’s founder and CEO Emma Payne talks about how this service is providing affordable, accessible and personal grief support to people around the world.

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Sherrie Dunlevy- #Inspirationista, is a best selling author, speaker, podcast host. She is also the founder of the “Graduating Grief Academy” and online support community.

Sherrie is on a mission to help grieving people step out of pain and step into living with purpose, passion and joy.

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