Eating Your Grief

2020 is the year of collective grieving.

Many of us have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. But there are many other kinds of losses people are experiencing in addition to death.

People have lost jobs, lost their senior prom, sports seasons, graduation.

People have lost their vacations, wedding receptions, and even a lot of their normal day to day activities.

We are all grieving something and many of us are eating too much, drinking too much and indulging in ways we know are not good for us, but work to numb us from feeling the anger, sadness and frustration that comes with grief.

That’s why I’m so happy to talk with Vickie Griffiths. She is an author, weight loss coach and podcast host and has a lot of great insight into what is happening, and how we can get a grip on eating our feelings as we grieve.

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Sherrie Dunlevy-#Inspirationista is a best selling author, speaker and grief educator.  

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