Graduating Grief Services

Funeral Professionals

As a funeral professional, you are dealing with grieving families every single day.

From the moment they contact you, you are dealing with someone who is most likely in the early acute phase of grief and they are trusting you with the compassionate care of their loved one’s final arrangements. But does your compassionate care continue after the service?

  • How are you continuing to serve?
  • Are you continuing to serve?
  • What happens to this valued client after the funeral luncheon and everyone has packed up and returned to their lives?

Many of these individuals are left to deal with the severe pain of grief alone. And they have nowhere to turn and no resources or tools to help them manage their grief.

While you may not be trained or equipped to help them deal with their grief, I am.

I can help you continue to serve your client as they heal and begin to feel confident enough to begin to reorganize their life.

It’s not just the loving thing to do or the compassionate thing to do.
It’s the SMART thing to do to grow your business!

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Graduating Grief Services

Speaking for Funeral Professionals

Invite Sherrie Dunlevy to Speak

Invite Sherrie Dunlevy to speak with and/or train your staff, volunteers, community members and families on how to best support those they love and care about who are grieving.

Sherrie’s most requested talk “How Can I Help? – Helping Those you Love and Care about as they Grieve”, is based on her number one best-selling book of the same name.

Sherrie also offers this talk in an inner active workshop.

Talk Summary

Believe it or not, at a time when they need the support of family and friends the most, some grieving people get ghosted.

These are the people those grieving thought they could count on and somehow they just disappear from their lives. This is what happened to Sherrie Dunlevy and her husband following the death of their son and she found out they are not the only ones.

Many others who are offering from loss have also lost close relationships.

In this presentation, Sherrie shares 3 reasons why this may be happening and offers specific actions people can do and say to help their loved ones through the most difficult times of their lives. In addition, she will provide resources you can offer or share to grieving people and those who love them.

Learning Objectives
  • Specific actions, words and phrases that can help friends needing support.
  • Learn and understand why some people might not show up to support a grieving friend.
  • Learn what phrases and actions that are “not so helpful” when reaching out and how to re-frame those cliches we all say into something that will really help in the healing process
Top Takeaways

Attendees will take away both personal and professional tips from this presentation. Despite the training many have in the business of death and dying, many still feel awkward and ill equipped when it becomes personal.

Sherrie provides easy, practical solutions to something most people feel ill at ease talking about or addressing. Sherrie shows you ways to step in and really offer support that will help in the healing process.

Professionally, you will learn why offering compassionate care that extends after the funeral can help you solidify relationships and future business. Attendees will walk away with ready to use resources they can access and provide to members of your staff, clients and community.

”How Can I Help? – Helping Those you Love and Care about as they Grieve” can also be offered as an interactive workshop.

Graduating Grief Services

Presentations for Funeral Professionals

Graduating Grief Presentation

Sherrie also offers the Graduating Grief presentation that outlines the options people have to find hope and healing after loss.

Talk Summary

You don’t have to merely survive the loss of someone you love, you can and should THRIVE!

So many grieving people are fed lies and myths by well-meaning people that keep them stuck in a cycle of pain.

They are told they will carry their grief forever, which makes living seem almost unbearable. Or they are told that time heals all wounds and then they sit and wait for what seems like forever to start feeling better.

Grief can be excruciatingly painful, but it does NOT have to last forever and grievers need to know they can LOVE their lives again after loss, IF they choose it and if they do the work to make it happen.

In this presentation, Sherrie Dunlevy, the founder of the Graduating Grief Academy dispels these kinds of myths, talks about why finding positive grief support is important, and shares why choosing the wrong kind of grief support can cause more harm than good.

As a bereaved mother and daughter, Sherrie says she knows it is possible to “graduate” from the pain of grief and step into living life with purpose, passion and JOY because she is “Living Proof” it can happen. Now she works to shine the light on hope and healing and helps people rediscover the JOY in living after loss.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how unresolved grief affects all of us in society
  • Learn how you can tell if you are ready to “graduate” from your grief
  • Learn how to find grief support that really supports, encourages grievers to find hope and healing
  • Learn how to shift mindset from grief and loss to hope and healing.
Top Takeaways
  • Learn the difference between grief sharing and positive grief support
  • Understand grief support or offering grief resources is a great way to keep in contact with families beyond the first year of grief:
  • Ready access to free grief resources
Graduating Grief Services

Graduating Grief Academy

Graduating Grief Academy

Sherrie also offers grief support and resources through The Graduating Grief Academy which is designed to help those individuals wherever they are in their grief journey and help them find hope and healing along the way.

The Graduating Grief Academy offer tools, research based coaching and a positive support community to help grievers move from pain and suffering to living their lives with purpose, passion and JOY.

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